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360 Rail Selects Ardenna's Rail Defect Detection SaaS to Fuel New Drone-based Industrial Rail Yard Inspection Services
Drone Aerial Imagery Expected to Transform Rail Yard Inspections with Faster, Safer and more Consistent Methodology

DENVER and HAMPTON, Va., May 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- 360 Rail Services, the leading provider of engineering, construction, operations and maintenance services for the rail industry, has announced the selection of Ardenna's Rail Defect Detection SaaS for integration with their new drone-based rail yard inspection service offering. Ardenna is the leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based defect detection software  and has seen great success in main line rail, covering over 28,000 miles of rail and processing over 3 million images. Ardenna will process 100% of 360's rail yard imagery captured via drone, identifying anomalies and defects in a fraction of the time required by traditional inspection methods. In addition to providing SaaS, Ardenna will be working in collaboration with 360 to refine and introduce drone-based data collection and automated defect detection to the industrial rail sector.

360 Rail Services transforms industrial track inspections with drone-based imagery collection and AI-Based defect detection using Ardenna's SaaS offering.

Industrial rail owners depend on the integrity of their rail infrastructure to safely and reliably transport goods from source to destination. Understanding not only the current condition of the rail, but also being able to predict when failures may occur is critical to efficient rail operations. The AI-based software algorithms provided by Ardenna allow track condition inspections to be conducted in a consistent, repeatable and automated manner. This not only exposes existing anomalies, but allows data to be gathered and used to predict when track repairs need to be conducted in order to prevent failures.

"360 Rail Services has earned a reputation for exceptional service by applying innovative new technologies to reduce or eliminate our customer's problems, making 360 Rail the industry's 'go to' provider of rail services", said Larry Stockton, CEO of 360 Rail Services. "We are now building on this foundation of innovation by partnering with Ardenna and selecting their automated rail defect detection SaaS to enable our new drone-based aerial track inspection services."

"We are excited to be selected by 360 Rail to provide the defect detection capabilities for their new industrial rail yard inspection offering", said David Patterson, Ardenna's Director of Business Development. "Our existing rail customers have already recognized the improvements to human safety and track availability that we believe will also directly benefit industrial companies utilizing 360 Rail's new inspection service."

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Privately held and established in 2017, 360 Rail Services' Engineering, Maintenance, Construction, and Operations staff are nationally recognized for their transit, freight, and industry rail planning, design/build solutions, and quality construction, working in stride with their customers' needs and speed to market. Working on challenging projects and problem solving is what has made 360 Rail Services' staff the "go to" industry rail services provider. This reputation has allowed 360 to deliver results for a wide range of customers, including industrial, Class 1 and Short line railroads, all the way up to Fortune 500 companies.  More information is available at

About Ardenna

Privately held and established in 2017 as a spin-off venture of Bihrle Applied Research Inc. (, Hampton, VA-based Ardenna offers computer vision and machine learning solutions for the automated detection, classification and reporting of anomalies found during the inspection of critical infrastructure. Ardenna's RailVision™ solution was a groundbreaking success for Class 1 railways in the achievement of automated long-range UAS supplemental main line track inspections. RailVision, which is now being adapted for industrial and short-line rail applications, automates the detection, classification and reporting of anomalies in a consistent and repeatable way. This approach provides insightful, actionable data thus enabling track owners to correct these anomalies before they become costly problems. More information is available at

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For further information: Peyton McCain, Business Development Manager, 360 Rail Services, Phone: 720-580-2545, Email:; David Patterson, Director of Business Development, Phone: 757-251-7505, Email: