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NW-44 Engine Successfully Completes FAR 33 Test
Under Northwest UAV and SOCOM CRADA R&D Agreement


McMinnville, Oregon April 12, 2016 - Northwest UAV (NWUAV) announces the successful completion of the rigorous FAR 33 Endurance Test on the NW-44 Multi-Fuel UAV propulsion system. The NW-44 testing was executed under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with oversight by the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). Endurance testing was completed March 19, 2016, following stringent 14CFR Part 33.49 guidelines.

The 3.6hp NW-44 propulsion system operated for 60 hours at or above maximum continuous speed with a full 280-watt generator load while at extreme temperatures. The engine was also operated at or above maximum continuous speed for over 100 hours, receiving only normal maintenance and inspections throughout the evaluation. The entire test was conducted using logistically important heavy fuel; a kerosene based diesel fuel commonly used in military and commercial aviation.

After the successful Test of the NW-44 engine a 14CFR Part 33.55 compliant teardown inspection was performed. This inspection noted that all systems maintained full flight worthy status, showing only light wear and minimal carbon build up. The system has since been reassembled and is now back in service for continued validation testing up to its anticipated 400-hour overhaul.

The manned aviation industry utilizes the FAA’s FAR 33 guidelines as the baseline test to determine engine viability for certification of manned aircraft. The NW-44 is the only small UAS propulsion system designed to be FAR 33 Subpart C compliant. The associated airworthiness tests are exceedingly demanding and designed to push the engine well beyond its normal operating limits. The NW-44 engine has thoroughly established its capability of safely continuing operations in emergencies and other scenarios that may be outside of typical operations.

The test results have proven the NW-44 engine to be robust and reliable even when operated at the most extreme limits for extended periods of time.

NWUAV is the largest UAV propulsion system manufacturer with over 10,000 propulsion systems delivered to date. NWUAV offers a wide variety of sophisticated on-site engineering, research, development, testing, production, and manufacturing capabilities. These competencies are vertically integrated within the organization, producing rapid results for clients. NWUAV provides support from the initial design concept all the way through to production within our AS9100/ISO9001 (AS9104-1) Certified, DCAA compliant operation. Contact Northwest UAV for more information­

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