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AEE Mach 4

Built to provide a best-in-class experience for professionals in law enforcement, search & rescue, inspection and surveying sectors, AEE’s Mach 4 will raise the bar and redefine value in the commercial UAV industry.  Measuring a little over two-feet in length, the AEE’s Mach 4 is capable of traveling at a cruising speed close to 30 miles per hour with a range of almost two miles (with supplied hand controller)  and flight times up to 40 minutes in length. Its sophisticated Y-12 ground station (hand controller) is equipped with 1.4 gigahertz for flight control, offering a steady and sure control experience. The drone package comes three antennas that are attached to the ground station controller, which supports a 5.8GHz video transmission and a 1.4 GHz digital radio system. Equipped with an YT35, standard 4K camera with a 1 / 2.3-megapixel sensor, the Mach 4 is designed to deliver crisp, clear images.  The Mach 4 will also have available optional payloads that include 10:1 Zoom camera system and an advanced optical thermal camera. AEE’s Mach 4 will be available to select resellers in June. Packages are expected to start in the $5,500 range, for the base configuration system. AEE will be exhibiting Mach 4 at the premier AUVSI conference, Xponential May 1-May 3, 2018 at the Denver Convention Center AEE booth #1428

News Releases
Apr 27, 2018

Denver, Colo. / AUVSI Xponential Expo, April 30, 2018 – AEE Aviation Technology, Inc., a global leader in electric aviation and camera technology, today announced the introduction of its Mach 4...

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